TD Performance has been leading the way in workplace wellness for over two decades, creating evidence-based employee wellness programs for multiple companies across a number of industries

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"TD Performance came to Accenture’s The Dock to conduct a term of after-work fitness sessions which I thought were fantastic. The quality of the training was something the attendees noted saying that it truly was a full body workout where people saw results week-on-week and knew it was time well spent straight after work. His enthusiasm, passion and professionalism is second to none, even the equipment is spotless!"

Sara Harrison
Innovation Delivery Lead

"TD Performance has been a great fitness motivator for a few key events here in Facebook, two of which have been a Fun Run in aid of Crumlin Children’s Hospital and also for our Mental Health week in the FB office where he ran a boxing class for our employees. Tom is the consummate professional at every event and comes fully prepared to deliver on our brief. and fun are your key requirements"

michelle curtis
Recruiting Programs Coordinator

"TD Performance was amazing to work with. They were very professional and enthusiastic across all stages of our project and willing to go above and beyond what was asked of them. Over all their genuine attitude and knowledge of all things health & wellness made it very easy and enjoyable to have on our team"

Ciara Delaney
Marketing Coordinator
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