We approach health in a holistic way which includes
mental, social, nutritional and physical well-being.

We are data driven, providing you and your team
with tailored wellbeing advice and tools, as well
as the confidence to implement changes
and achieve the greatest impact.



We offer a selection of carefully curated weekly sessions, one-off seminars as well as kick-start workshops that are crafted to support your workforce on their health and wellness journey. We tailor our programs to address specific challenges within each work environment as well as incorporate the demographic of your staff and the health goals of the individuals taking part.


Our team of wellness experts will build a weekly schedule that incorporates your company calendar to ensure an effective delivery of our bespoke sessions. Our programmes are completely unique to each business we work with. Led by data driving insights, we create sessions that are influenced by staff demographics, specific requirements from the company as well as any individual goals set out by staff members.



A workplace wellness program is one of the most important benefits you can offer your employees. Whether you’re a global operation or a start-up, the cost of employee wellness is an investment that pays off in many ways. Well-being in the office spreads to your employees’ homes and communities and generates healthy, happy, and productive workers.


Compared to traditional corporate wellness programs, TD Performance drives more health outcomes, decreases more health-risk factors and generates higher return on investment.  Equipped with this data we want to inspire those we work with by showcasing their progress and guide them along their health and wellbeing journey ensuring that they are proud of their achievements. We want to see your employees excited to share how much they enjoy their healthier lifestyles with others.


We believe that individual growth is one of the key factors to living a happy work life. Research shows that happiness and wellbeing at work are the foundation of a productive and optimised organisation and makes a real difference to a company’s bottom line. We want to help your staff and company to grow a feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness in the work they do and in their health wellbeing journey.


Believe that frequent health and It crucial that employees promote and offer wellness practices amongst its employees. We believe that frequent health and wellbeing practices can improve performance in individuals and as a result transform your company into a space where work and wellness merge together.


“The quality of the training was something the attendees noted
saying that it truly was a full body workout where people saw results
week-on-week and knew it was time well spent straight after work.”

– Sara Harrison, Innovation Delivery Lead, The Dock @Accenture

“TD Performance consistently goes above and beyond to care for our employees
and provides them with top-notch, performance-enhancing tools and resources”

– Philip Keenan, Marketing Manager, Lucozade Sport at Suntory Beverage

“The TD Performance team is very passionate, dedicated, and experienced, and always
willing to partner on new ways to impact the well-being of our team members.”

– Rosie Bissett, CEO at Dyslexia Association of Ireland

“TD Performance was amazing to work with. They were very professional
and enthusiastic across all stages of our project and willing to go
above and beyond what was asked of them. Over all their genuine
attitude and knowledge of all things health & wellness
made it very easy and enjoyable to have on our team.”

– Ciara Delaney, Marketing Coordinator LIDL Ireland


We design and deliver tailored health & wellness solutions to your workforce.
We address the individual needs of your staff within your unique working environment.

All Wellness Programmes are bespoke and are tailored to your Organisation’s needs!


For more information, please contact us

p: +353 (0) 86 301 6350